Keeping your website up to date is critically important.  Making sure that prospects and clients know about your products and services and  all the ways to reach you is as important as having your name and phone number on your business cards.

But there’s more to keeping a website updated than some text and pictures.  And at least as important.

Things like keeping your domain name, choosing a good hosting service and keeping your website secure with an SSL certificate and other security services.

Small business and their websites are increasingly under attack by hackers looking to access client data or use their websites as jumping off points for other attacks.  These attacks can be devastating to a small business.

60% of small business close within six months of being hacked.1

Keeping your website secure and running smoothly helps you build trust with your prospects and clients and even helps your rankings with Google.

If, like many small businesses your website is built on WordPress, keeping  it up to date and secure can be very time consuming.  Themes and plugins are continually being updated, as is WordPress itself.

Because of it’s popularity,WordPress is a constant target for hackers.  This means that keeping everything up date is very important.

But is keeping everything on your website up to date and secure really how you need to be spending your time?Probably not.

Contexta can manage your WordPress site for you, keeping your site up to date and secure.

This means keeping your theme and plugins up to date, regular backups and a website security package to keep your site locked down.

Keep your WordPress Site Safe

Security Scanning, Backups and More

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